A line of tasty and versatile sauces and pates. Made with raw materials from organic farming and GMO-free, they add an original, natural and genuine taste to your dishes!


Made from raw materials from organic farming and without the use of GMOs!


Original, versatile and delicious, ideal for making healthy, natural food even tastier.


Made according to traditional recipes, from 100% Made in Italy, 100% genuine ingredients!


Products without added preservatives, chemical additives and sugar, low in sodium, to enjoy all the best that nature offers.



Your ace up your sleeve in the kitchen? Four tasty recipes based on fresh, natural vegetables, ideal for adding flavour to tasty slices of grilled bread or enriching meat or fish dishes. And turn your dishes into delicious surprises… with an irresistible taste!


Sauces and tomato sauce

iBIO Pralina Sauces and Tomato Sauce are made from carefully selected organic tomatoes grown without pesticides or chemical fertilisers.
The genuineness of our sauces is the result of the quality of the ingredients used: only organic tomatoes and vegetables mixed to make delicious, all-natural sauces. Use them to season your dishes: you will rediscover the most authentic taste of Italian cuisine!

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