Le biodiverse

A line of Soups and Velvety soups, with a long shelf life, made with local raw materials from Salento, traced from seed to table, in line with the need for a healthy, well-balanced diet, keeping up with the times. The new style of eating well.


Made from indigenous and traced raw materials, grown by cooperatives of young Salento farmers on land restored for agriculture.


Produced according to the new model of sustainable development, which respects nature and people.


Containing all the most authentic flavours of Salento, enhanced by innovative traditional recipes and a transparent, GMO-free production!


They support a dynamic, fast and naturally healthy lifestyle. Just one small spoonful and they are ready to be enjoyed!


Soups and velvety soups

Le Biodiverse soups and velvety soups are created with the aim of protecting and enhancing the territory and its agro-biodiversity. They are made with local Salento raw materials such as Otranto chickling vetch, black Cecio and dwarf Peas, recovered and grown by cooperatives of young Salento farmers who have chosen to return to the land to promote a new model of sustainable development.

In a 228g jar, all the most authentic flavours of Salento… and all the goodness of a genuine, natural and transparent product!

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