A journey of flavours that testifies to the richness of Italian gastronomy, with sauces, pestos, spreadable creams and traditional condiments ready to be enjoyed. From Salento to your table… and in over 30 countries around the world!


Pralina Line products are made with premium ingredients, according to traditional recipes and innovative productions, including also vegan and vegetarian recipes. Ideal for a genuine, GMO-free diet!


Do you think healthy eating is boring? Thanks to original combinations, the products of our Praline Line will surprise you at every taste and stimulate your creativity in the kitchen!


Modern life style meets conscious food choices, without sacrificing taste. Pralina Line products bring tradition and good food to the table… even when you’re short of time!



Welcome to the first stage of the Pralina flavours journey!

Pralina Sauces recall the full taste of summer flavours, with fresh daily vegetables and tomatoes, enhanced by extra virgin olive oil. They are ideal for all kinds of pasta: the freedom to invent original variations is yours!



The must-haves of the Mediterranean gastronomic tradition? The pestos!

Made with carefully selected ingredients, pestos enhance the originality of each recipe adding a delicate and innovative touch to your dishes. Have you already thought about how to use them?



From simple preparations to original creations!

Pates are perfect for complex and refined recipes, offering the most demanding palates a wide range of flavours for an exclusive cuisine that does not give up simplicity.



The last stage of our flavour journey, first in the satisfaction ranking!

Bruschette with exclusive and original recipes, for condiments and fillings with full and tasty flavour, which add imagination and creativity to every dish!

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