Our lines

Pralina on mission for taste

When taste is a mission, every recipe is a discovery! That’s why, our products are not only healthy and well-balanced, ready to eat and absolutely innovative, but also exceptionally good! Can’t you wait to taste them? Discover our lines!



An itinerary of flavours that testifies to the richness of Italian regional gastronomy through tasty traditional products, also vegan and vegetarian, ready-made and GMO-free!


The small Bio

Even the little ones have their nutritional needs! Our range of fruit purees and creamy sauces made with 100% organic, GMO-free pulses and vegetables is ideal for weaning little gourmets from 12 months of age!


The Biodiverse

What’s the new way to eat well? Biodiverse Soups and Creamy Soups! Made from local Salento raw materials traced from seed to table, in line with the need for a healthy, well-balanced and certified nutrition.