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Nicoletta, Federica, Antonella e Doriana

When we started talking about you all, telling the stories and precious details of life of people who live and work in the most diverse places in Italy and who choose Pralina products, we could not imagine that we would face with so many stories.
Entering the everyday life of lawyers, artists, doctors, professionals, students is a rewarding experience for the work we do to offer everyone a unique quality and taste. But it also allows us to discover inspiring success stories that tell us of an innovative and cutting-edge South.

Here is a story of Nicoletta, Federica, Antonella and Doriana, four Apulian ladies who do research in Brindisi at CETMA, European Research Center for Technologies, Design and Materials. They are part of a multidisciplinary team of researchers and technical experts in the field of design, new multimedia technologies and ICT. They carry out research and development for producers who intend to invest in innovation and in the high added value differentiation of their range of products / services, both in terms of improving existing solutions and generating radically new products. A stuff that seems to be made in Silicon Valley but that actually was born and developed in the Research Citadel of Brindisi.

“Lunch is a moment of aggregation and lightness – they tell us – it is important to share time with colleagues, it helps to grow and develop teamwork, so we usually have lunch together. Pralina products have been part of our table for a couple of years now.”