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Terre di Altamura

Discover the stories of those who have chosen to return to the earth as a paradigm of a new model of healthy and participatory development, to restore value to some varieties of legumes and ancient cereals typical of Apulia.


Agriculture Company

Founded in 2014 as a project to preserve and valorise the finest lentils in the world, today Terre di Altamura (translated from Italian – Lands of Altamura) has become a leading company for the production, processing, packaging and distribution of legumes throughout the national territory. The pride of the company is the Altamura lentil, which has achieved the coveted I.G.P. certification. (Protected Geographical Indication).

the varieties

Chickling Peas

As a legume that grows in warm areas, chickling pea is a typical ingredient of the Mediterranean tradition, very tasty and sustainable, given its ability to resist drought periods.
It is a legume with great nutritional properties and, thanks to the abundance of proteins, its intake seems to bring benefits to the memory while facilitating digestion and metabolism.

The producers

About Terre di Altamura

Gerardo represents the Terre Di Altamura company which in 2014, as soon as it was born, signed a pact with 50 local farmers committing to purchase all legume products from them – a great example of social responsibility. Today in the consortium there are 180 farmers, all engaged in the production of unique legumes of authentic origins without the speculative logic of commodities.