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The “ingredients” of this new story are MIT (Massachussets Institute of Technology) in Cambridge (USA), Sardinia and Uzbekistan. While the protagonist is Antonio Burrai.

Antonio is a structural engineer, he deals with projects related to particularly complicated and important structures like ports, airports, bridges, subways.

He lives in Rome but is originally from Sardinia and it is exactly in his native region where he wanted to put into practice the knowledge acquired during the master studies in digital manufacturing at MIT. Because Antonio also coordinates two Fablabs, one in Olbia and the other in Oristano, and here he manages various projects related to 3D printing and the world of engineering.

What is a story like this doing among Pralina’s “stories”? Because in addition to being a huge fan of our “Le Biodiverse” soups and purees, Antonio embodies a story full of elements that unite us. We talk about ingenuity and innovation, the use of one’s knowledge to serve the local territories and a hyper-activism animated by a clear objective, that of trying to reconcile a sustainable lifestyle with the frenetic and alienating rhythms of everyday life, while looking for the happiness, as we all do.