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Cristina, a theatre actress from Turin, raised “on bread and cinema” thanks to her father who owned some theatres in the city. Since early childhood, she had a great passion for acting but a passion remains such if it is not accompanied by study and hard work. And Cristina knows it well.

In fact, she began her studies at the “Sergi Tofano” theatre academy and shortly after started working in a company in Milan. But we all know that great loves often generate great crises and she has not been immune from them. Naturally, arose the questions that we have all asked ourselves at least once in our lives: “is this what I really want? Is it really my job?”. In those moments the choice is difficult but also very clear: if you have a dream you have to try to pursue it, if you want something, you have to go for it.

And so, as soon as she finished her academic theatre studies, together with her fellow students, she set up her own company, formed by ten people, which still continues working today and is enjoying excellent results in Turin. “Artists are a bit crazy – she says – and in general all those who have a very strong and very pronounced creativity often follow their instincts. I do, and since I was a little girl, I have always felt that this was my path. And the excitement and adrenaline that I feel those three seconds before going on stage, no one and nothing else can give me. Such feeling is indescribable”.

We decided to tell the story of Cristina because, beyond the latitudes and the sectors, it is a story that we are very familiar with and that we live every day alongside the many young people who here, in the deep South, have chosen to realize their dream of returning to the land. She has chosen our Spelt, lentil and hemp soup, and we like to imagine that there might be a correlation between the young farmers who carefully cultivated and harvested the raw materials from which the soup was made, and the beautiful story of Cristina. Because they have in common that positive energy that can push them until they reach the goals, they have set themselves and above all they are an inspiration to others not to give up.